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Hospital, employee cleared of wrongdoing in surgical error case

A tragic set of circumstances claimed the life of a surgery patient; and the story highlights the dangers present in the medical field, as well as the justice victimized patients (and their loved ones) can seek in the wake of a medically negligent incident.

The patient was a 40-year-old woman who died hours after she underwent surgery to remove a birth control device. During the procedure, one of the woman's arteries was nicked. The surgeons and medical staff on hand -- unaware of the pencil-point-sized hole they had made in one of her arteries -- sent her on her way.

Botched chemical mixture in pool hurts numerous swimmers

Many Phoenix residents have a daily routine that involves going to a nearby swimming pool and getting a few laps in. They stay active and healthy; and in many cases, it is a great way to beat the heat. Swimming pools need to be highly maintained -- there are chemicals that are required to be put in pools to kill bacteria and to ensure the swimmers are safe while using the pool.

However, if these chemicals are not mixed properly, or if too much of these chemicals make it into the pool, the substances meant to keep people safe become extreme dangers. This happened recently to a handful of people on vacation in South Carolina.

Fiery truck crash causes havoc on Interstate 17, kills 1

A terrible accident in the northern outskirts of the Phoenix area claimed the life of a woman who had pulled over on the highway and was checking on the condition of a stray cow she struck with her vehicle.

The woman stopped her car on the freeway to inspect what had happened following her accident. As she was looking around, a semi truck pulled up and stopped behind her vehicle. The driver urged the woman to move her car so that traffic could get through. As this was going on, a tanker truck plowed into the semi truck from behind, causing a massive pileup that killed the woman. Two other people were seriously injured in the crash and taken to a local hospital; one of them suffered "life-threatening" injuries, though her condition is unknown.

Car accident claims life of Phoenix pedestrian in tragic fashion

One of the more bizarre accidents you will ever hear unfortunately resulted in the tragic death of a pedestrian in Phoenix, Arizona recently. The circumstances of the accident, which involved two cars crashing into each other, certainly relate to the "proximate cause" discussion we had in our last post.

Two vehicles were traveling towards an intersection when they collided. One of the vehicles involved in the wreck then spun off the road and struck a traffic pole. The pole, which broke apart due to the impact, fell on an unsuspecting pedestrian. He was crushed by the pole and died from his injuries. Both the car crash and the fatal accident involving the pedestrian are under investigation. Police are not sure what caused the crash or if either driver was negligent in the build-up to it.

4 cars totalled, 6 people injured in wake of Phoenix accident

Four cars were involved in an absolute mess of a car accident in Phoenix, Arizona recently. The crash, which is still under investigation, involved two minivans and two trucks; and no blame has yet been assigned. One person in one of the trucks had to be extracted from the vehicle while serious injuries. He and another person involved in the wreck were taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Four other people involved in the motor vehicle accident suffered minor injuries.

The investigation into a car accident is one of the most important aspects to a wreck, especially when it comes to the legal side of the incident. Officials will be able to determine if one of the drivers was intoxicated, distracted or otherwise operating his or her vehicle in a negligent and dangerous manner.

Fatal Arizona pool accident transpires in mere minutes

A swimming pool can be a great way to find relief from the intense Arizona summer heat. It can also become an attraction for neighbors and their children. Even though this can be a great way to have fun and relax with friends, pool owners should also be mindful of the responsibilities they have.

According to recent reports from emergency responders in Yuma, a 3-year-old boy was found unresponsive in a swimming pool. Paramedics arrived on the scene and brought him to a nearby hospital, but efforts to revive the child were ultimately unsuccessful. The child's parents reported to authorities that he was probably in the water for only five to 10 minutes.

Patients abused in 1 in every 3 nursing homes in the U.S.

One in every three nursing homes in the U.S. is guilty of nursing home abuse or negligence. This was according to a 2012 Congressional Report. In addition, a 2010 survey taken by nursing home staff across the nation disclosed that 50 percent of employees working with the elderly admitted to neglect or abuse of their patients in the past 12 months.

If the "1 to 3" ratio is true, Arizona could find that nursing home abuse is as common here as was recently discovered in Georgia. An Alzheimer's nursing home located 60 miles north of Atlanta is currently under fire. The owner, along with 21 employees, is facing more than 70 charges for alleged elderly abuse, according to authorities.

Don't lose a portion of your estate to probate fees

When you have loved ones, you want to ensure they are cared for when you are gone. What is the sense of working to provide for your loved ones only to have a portion of it going to probate litigation fees in the event of your death?

Probate can sometimes be drawn out for long periods, and the longer and more complicated it gets, the more of the estate is eaten away in administrative and attorney's fees. You worked hard to accumulate your assets, and that is why estate planning is important. What are some ways you can protect your assets from probate so your loved ones can move on with their lives?

Driver sentenced for killing teen while texting and driving

Despite Utah's ban on texting while driving, a 29-year-old man hit and killed a pedestrian teen while using his cell phone.

The accident occurred on Sept. 2, 2012, in Vernal, Utah. A 15-year-old boy and his friend were walking along the side of the road when a pickup truck hit the boy. The pedestrian victim was transported to Primary Children's Medical Center and died the following day.

Dangerous gas leak at Intel plant in Chandler

One of two Intel plants in Chandler, Arizona, was very fortunate this past Saturday, when a gas leak occurred. Forty-three contract workers became sick, with 12 being admitted to the hospital, according to local fire services. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and the workers recognized symptoms of nausea, difficulty breathing and eye irritation before it was too late. Poisonous gases can be fatal in a short matter of time.

Intel is one of the largest chip-making companies in the world. They have two manufacturing facilities currently open in Chandler and are in the process of building another. In addition, they have facilities in Oregon and New Mexico, as well as overseas. A spokesperson for the Chandler fire department said the company uses nitrogen and other gases in its process for making the chips.


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