Undue Influence

Undue Influence

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A frequent issue in will contests or trust disputes involves claims of undue influence. This occurs when one or more people exert too much influence on someone making a will (the testator), causing the testator to add or eliminate certain provisions beneficial to the perpetrator, cancel will provisions or even write a new will entirely, all of which are contrary to the testator's true intentions. Usually, greed is the perpetrator's underlying motive. With our challenging economic times, there is greater frequency of these types of incidents.

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There are several ways to attempt to prove a will to be invalid. One may be to claim that the legal formal requirements necessary to execute a will were not followed. Others are to argue that the testator at the time of the execution of the will was subject to duress, undue influence or fraud. Some statutes even guarantee that a wife must receive a certain statutory allotment. There is also the question of whether a later will might have been executed, which would invalidate the terms of the subject will.

Other situations where undue influence may be prevalent:

Elder exploitation: Many probate and trust disputes involve a charge of elder exploitation. In these cases, there is a challenge made regarding the elderly person's testamentary capacity. These types of disputes often are influenced by the following issues:

  • Manipulating or forcing an elderly person to sign over to someone all of their assets, such as checking accounts, investments, stocks, real estate or other property through intimidation, duress or other threats
  • Theft of assets such as Social Security checks, stock dividends, pension payments, retirement funds, credit cards or other such assets
  • Borrowing money or encumbering property in the elderly person's name, with the chief beneficiary being the perpetrator
  • Selling the property of the elderly person by the perpetrator, who in turn pockets the proceeds
  • Other such misconduct

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For any of these types of undue influence, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the necessary challenges to make certain justice is done. We utilize the most up-to-date research and communication technology, along with experienced investigators and well-qualified forensic experts such as physicians, psychologists, certified public accountants, appraisers and stock analysts. We are prepared for whatever needs your case presents.

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