Surgical Errors

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When entering the hospital for surgery, you trust that the doctors, medical staff and administrators will follow procedures to ensure the safety of your surgery. When you go under anesthetics you are placing your body in the trust of the medical professionals performing your surgery. It can be devastating to discovery that due to negligence, you or someone you love suffered a life-altering or fatal surgical error.

A surgical error caused by medical negligence can be life-altering, even fatal. When you or someone you love suffers, we offer the aggressive advocacy and medical malpractice experience you need. Contact us for an initial consultation or case evaluation.

At the Law Offices of William D. Black , we have extensive experience in the investigation of surgical errors and will identify the cause of your injury and any medical practitioners including doctors and nurses, who may be at fault for your injury or the death of a loved one.

Surgical errors may include:

  • Anesthesia errors
  • Lacerations
  • Leaving surgical equipment in the patient
  • Causing spinal cord or nerve damage in the surgery
  • Causing blood clots which result in brain or other injuries
  • Improperly administering or monitoring Drugs
  • Performing surgery on the wrong body part/ failure to review medical instructions
  • Improper diagnosis

The investigation and litigation related to surgical errors can be complex. We have paralegals who are also registered nurses to assist in the review and investigation of your case. In addition, we routinely work with experts, including doctors and other professionals who can testify concerning the cause of your injury and the negligence of any hospital personnel, doctor, or other professional involved.

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