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Every year, pharmacists prescribe more than one billion prescriptions. Each one has the potential to improve a patient's health. Unfortunately, when pharmacists make a mistake and write out the wrong dosage or prescription, patients are vulnerable to life-threatening side effects.

For more than 30 years, the Law Offices of William D. Black has advocated for victims of medical malpractice . We fight to achieve justice for victims of prescription errors involving manufacturers, prescribing doctors, nurses, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. Contact our law firm today if you or a family member has suffered injuries and damages as a result of a prescription error.

Advocating Against Prescription Errors in Arizona

Pharmacists are highly trained and expected to adhere to the professional standards of their practice. Unfortunately, pharmacies are often short-staffed and rely heavily on inexperienced pharmacy technicians. A lapse in judgment or inexperience can lead to serious and even fatal prescription mistakes.

Our firm's Phoenix prescription error attorneys fight to hold at-fault parties accountable for a wide range of prescriptions errors, such as:

  • Doctors misdiagnosing a disease and prescribing the wrong medication
  • Doctors failing to properly administer and monitor prescription drugs with patients over a period of time
  • Hospital negligence in failing to control the medication's side effects
  • Doctors, pharmacists and technicians providing insufficient or improper instructions relating to prescriptions
  • Pharmacists misreading doctors' notes and filling and dispensing the wrong prescription
  • Pharmacists filling and administering the wrong prescription dosage

Seeking Maximum Compensation

Our law firm has on its staff registered nurses who help us understand and investigate allegations relating to prescription errors. We also consult medical specialists who help us to prepare cases for trial and testify concerning the causal relationship between prescription errors and serious drug overdose, allergic reactions and even fatal medical complications .

Our firm's Phoenix prescription error attorneys will prepare your case to prove fault to the insurance company or a jury, if necessary. We will seek a maximum recovery for you including reimbursement for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, permanent injuries, lost wages and loss of future earning power. In some instances, punitive damages may even pertain.

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