Premises Liability/Slip & Fall/Playground Accidents

Phoenix Premises Liability Injury Attorney

There are a number of ways landowners can be liable to someone injured on their property. Business owners and homeowners can be legally responsible if they do something wrong which causes others to be injured on their property. Slip and fall accidents often occur because landowners have not taken proper measures to assure that their property is safe for guests or invitees. Defective sidewalks or stairways, dangerous conditions in supermarkets or department stores, defective elevators or escalators are just a few examples of dangerous property conditions which can cause accidents and can be the basis for premises liability.

Animal owners are liable if their pet injures someone who is not trespassing or provoking the animal. Dog bites can result in significant physical and emotional trauma. Phoenix premises liability injury attorney Bill Black represent adults and children who have been seriously injured as a result of a dog attack. We aggressively pursue our clients' claims to make certain they are fairly compensated for dog bite injuries .

Another form of premises liability relates to playground accidents. Parents think of a playground as a safe haven for their children, but more than 200,000 children are seen in emergency rooms each year as a result of playground injuries. Thirty-six percent of the injuries to these children are classified as severe. Most playground injuries result from unsafe equipment design, negligent playground operation and negligent supervision of the children while they play. If you need an Arizona playground accident Lawyer the Law Offices of William is experienced in handling this type of injury claim.

If we agree to represent you, we handle most premises liability and dog bite cases on a contingency fee basis .

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