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As society ages, the percentage of our population of senior citizens who require skilled nursing or other extended care is growing rapidly. It is often a very difficult decision to commit a family member to a long-term health care facility. The fact that a person is no longer able to care for himself or herself should not mean that they have to compromise or surrender their dignity and self-respect. We all hope that our loved ones will receive the love, care and respect that they deserve. Most nursing home residents, however, are frail and extremely vulnerable. They are often times unable to express their true concerns and fears as residents. They often rely completely on nursing home personnel or others to make certain that their medical needs are addressed and to assist them with their activities of daily living. They are often completely dependent on their physicians and the staff of the nursing home where they reside. Because many of them are frail, they are particularly susceptible to injury or illness, and could even die if they are neglected. Unfortunately, many times the nursing home physicians and other staff members simply do not properly observe or listen to their needs. As a result, many elderly residents in certain cases experience several types of injuries that are the result of progressive abuse. These include bedsores, severe dehydration and/or malnutrition, broken bones from falls, infections, gangrene and pneumonia. If we agree to represent you, we handle most nursing home negligence cases on a contingency fee basis .

In conjunction with our elder abuse practice, we prosecute actions against nursing homes and other care facilities. Although highly regulated by federal and state law, there is a significant lack of compliance by many nursing homes.

A Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyers can help you file civil actions against nursing homes including:

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