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The Internet has unlocked the flood gates for individuals and businesses to share their opinions with a global audience. In an instant, reputations are molded from reports expressed on message boards, blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. The power of the Internet can be very constructive. It can also be devastatingly destructive. Countless individuals and businesses never regain their reputations lost from false or misleading comments broadcast across the Web.

At the Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Offices of William D. Black , we understand your personal and business credibility depends on your reputation. We are committed to helping you protect it and re-establish it, if damaged. Contact our law firm today to discuss your Internet defamation concerns.

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Google and other search engines sometimes fall victim to dishonest and unscrupulous posters. Sometimes, they even rank defamatory remarks higher than company blogs or legitimate news releases. Unfortunately, attempts to eliminate or block defamatory statements can be unsuccessful. The Phoenix defamation lawyers at our firm are prepared to prosecute your civil claims for Internet defamation and seek recovery for the damages which you incur.

For more than 30 years, our firm's trial attorneys have held negligent parties accountable in complicated personal injury cases. We successfully carry over our trial and civil experience into prosecuting Internet defamation claims. We are committed to offering a level of sophistication in Internet defamation cases.

Fighting Back Against Defamation of Character

On the Internet, it is not always easy to determine the poster's identity. Bloggers and posters are often known to keep their identity hidden through using anonymous screen names or e-mail addresses. In some circumstances, we consult forensic computer experts to help identify the wrongdoers and allow us to prosecute civil claims.

In short, we can track who is defaming you. Once the poster is identified, we proceed with a cease and desist demand letter, strongly encouraging the Web poster to voluntarily remove the content or be faced with a lawsuit. In some cases, the damage has already been done — a lawsuit is inevitable. Other times, we are forced to serve a subpoena upon the Internet Service Provider to determine the poster's identity. In all cases, we do as thorough an investigation as possible so we are fully prepared for litigation.

Our law firm's detailed approach often prompts at-fault parties to put an end to their misconduct. If a legal proceeding is initiated, we are prepared to seek maximum compensation for compensatory and punitive damages through mediation, arbitration or trial.

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