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When patients have medical emergencies, they are at the mercy of the treating physicians and nurses. Many hospitals perform high-quality work, but medical malpractice happens in emergency rooms on a regular basis.

Hospitals and emergency rooms in particular are often overcrowded. Doctors and nurses are known to work with few rest breaks. A lapse of judgment in emergency rooms can have very serious health consequences and can even result in life-threatening complications.

For more than 30 years, the Law Offices of William D. Black has represented victims of medical malpractice. We seek to achieve justice for victims and families who have been injured or lost loved ones from an emergency room error.

Emergency room providers are often times heroes — we are careful to not pursue cases without merit. When we see a case involving provable negligence, however, we will not back down from holding at-fault parties accountable. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Representing Victims of Emergency Room Errors

Our law firm's Arizona emergency room error lawyers have reviewed thousands of medical malpractice claims. We have a clear understanding of the standard of care expected in emergency room practice. The attorneys at our firm advocate for victims when these procedures are violated in situations, including:

  • Failure to diagnose — We hold doctors accountable for overlooking symptoms as a less serious illness. For example, when doctors diagnose patients with the flu instead of meningitis, the result could be deadly. We also seek damages for physician negligence when doctors fail to diagnose cancer or signs of a heart attack.
  • Failure to order tests — Doctors are expected to follow standard medical procedures. If a doctor rushed and failed to order appropriate tests, patients could suffer catastrophic and even life-threatening injuries.
  • Failure to read X-ray results — Our firm's Arizona emergency room errors lawyers aggressively hold radiologists accountable for failing to accurately read patients' test results. A lapse in judgment could cause a cancer and other life-threatening illnesses to go unnoticed.
  • Failure to follow discharge procedures — We are prepared to seek damages against emergency room doctors and nurses who failed to give patients proper instructions about their prescriptions , physical therapy needs or a follow-up visit.

Seeking Maximum Compensation

We consult medical specialists to prove fault based on a hospital's failure to implement standard medical procedures. Our legal team is prepared to seek maximum compensation for clients including recovery for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, permanent injury, wage loss and loss of future earning capacity. If appropriate, we will even seek punitive damages.

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